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People seek counselling & psychotherapy for a variety of reasons. Difficulties and challenges we face in our daily lives can become overwhelming and can affect relationships, work, and personal and professional judgements. It is sometimes difficult for us to address these issues without professional help. The therapist is someone who can listen objectively and non-judgementally and can help us to make sense of and overcome our emotional difficulties. Some people may come to therapy without having specific problems but may have broader concerns to do with lacking direction or self-confidence. As people learn more about themselves they find that they are able to make changes that enable them to live a more rewarding life.


I work as an Integrative Psychotherapist. This means that I integrate a variety of approaches to therapy with the aim of enabling people to experience life in the fullest way that is available to them. Integrative psychotherapy can help you to gain a better understanding of yourself and your life situation. It can be used to focus on specific problems in your life or to enable you to manage and overcome difficulties you experience in relationships.


Integrative psychotherapy is a method based upon how we relate to one another as individuals and how we use the past as a reference for our present situation. This developmental-relational approach provides a frame of reference for understanding ourselves in the context of our lives and relationships.

The result is a unique integration of approaches designed to help us work through conflicts and dilemmas, to help us make sense of our lives and and to become more able to live life to the full.

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